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went to have my jeep washed.The machine broke my antenna.

The Manager was a real smartass. ( how do I know it happened here ect.) said go get the part and Ill reimburse you. Ok. Bugs still all over jeep.

Asked about that and was told, pay for an upgrade. really?after pleading my case , I was dismissed. spent 3 hrs 10 bks in gas and the part. gave me back my money for the part.

Point is. They never stood good to the wash. Plus they take cash. (hush, hush) The cash reciept has a different name on it.

Mainland car wash. and no tax. If you use a credit card it registers to hallmark car wash. Hm!

theyre not only cheating the owner, theyre cheating the Govt.

Not a big fan of the Govt.But Im Pissed Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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